Exercises for Marionette Lines

exercises for marionette linesQ: Are there any facial exercises for marionette lines?

A: So you want to know if there is marionette lines exercise you can do? Well, you’re not the first person that has asked me this. In fact , I have received well over a dozen messages asking me about whether or not a facial toning exercises may be able to help. After all the fuss, I finally decided to look into it further.

My initial thoughts…
There are dozens of different muscles throughout our face, so in theory, I agreed they must have something to do with wrinkles, right? After all, that’s why people are getting injections of scary poisons to paralyze these facial muscles!

Although I was unsure whether or not it would be possible to help a specific wrinkle – like marionette lines – simply by doing an exercise, I was pretty confident that it would at least help prop up the skin and muscle that was sagging. After all, just think of how much better our bodies are when then they are toned up… the face must look the safe, right?

My findings…
I researched a number of different resources to find out what the down low is about exercises for marionette lines. Much to my surprise, it does sound like there are some promising things out there that may be able to help. Apparently there are number of contraptions along with guides which may be able to help.

The first one I kept hearing about was the Neckline Slimmer. As the name implies, the Neckline Slimmer isn’t specifically a marionette lines exercise device, but it is something that reportedly strengthens and tones the muscles in the neck and face area… it sounds promising and is very affordable!

However the Neckline Slimmer isn’t the only facial exerciser on the market I saw. There are a handful of different devices which are designed for facial muscle toning – which includes targeting the lines on the face. I have not bought a face exerciser myself yet but definitely plan to very, very soon!