Lip Lines

lip linesOn a woman, lips are often considered one of the most seductive facial feature. When we develop lip lines, suddenly we may not feel as confident about ourselves. Let’s talk about what causes them and what can be done to correct them.

What causes lip lines?
First and foremost, wrinkling is just a part of aging. As the years go by, we will develop wrinkles on all parts of our face and body – that is inevitable. While we may not be able to stop that, what we can do is treat the wrinkles to minimize their appearance. Thanks to modern plastic surgery and skin care, there are a wide array of options nowadays for treating problems like this.

It should also be noted that if you smoked (either currently or in the past) then there is a strong chance that might have contributed to your lip lines. That’s why some people even call them smokers lips – the dangerous carcigens in the smoke not only dry out your lips but can also mutate the cells in the area so they don’t replenish themselves correctly.

What can be done to treat lip lines?

As mentioned, there are a many options out there that can help lip lines. Your plastic surgeon can offer you lip augmentation. Even if you are happy with the size of your lips, filling them out may help decrease the appearance of these creases and wrinkles.

The other option is using an advanced wrinkle filler cream on your lips. I prefer hyaluronic acid skin care because certain formulations are actually known to stimulate the production of collagen. Every night before I go to bed I not only put my cream on my face, but also on my lips to help keep them moisturized and plump them up a bit. This is probably the most affordable between the two options.