What Are Marionette Lines?

what are marionette linesSo what are marionette lines? Marionette lines are described as lines that start at the outer corners of the nose and meet down towards the chin. The severity of these lines depends on a number of factors. One being genetics and the other being environmental factors.

With time these lines can become deeper and more noticeable. This of course depends on whether you plan on engaging in some sort of treatment to help diminish them. Fortunately, there are now advanced wrinkle filler anti aging creams which may be able to improve their appearance and help prevent them from worsening.



Everyone battles with some sort of skin imperfection whether it be now or in the past. In today’s day and age there are many products available for purchase to treat a number of these different skin problems. Among some of the most common problems among many men and women are marionette lines on the face.

Getting Rid of Them
One treatment that people rave about are wrinkle filler creams. The reason being is that they are not a type of medical procedure, they are advanced cream based productsis. And best of all they are non-prescription. These wrinkle filler creams help by adding volume and added depth to the skin which helps decrease their deepness and thus make them less visible.

Another type of treatment that can be used to treat marionette lines on the face are hyaluronic injections (performed by your doctor) and are found in such products as Restylane and Perlane. I will discuss these two products further below an how they both can be considered to be the best filler for marionette lines

Restylane has been shown to decrease the appearance of these lines in a number of participants who used this type of injection. Many people like the fact that it helps add volume and elasticity to the skin as well as improve the depth of wrinkles. This treatment can only be performed by a licensed dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Many women have actually favored hyaluronic acid filler injections in comparison to Botox which is only a wrinkle relaxer.

The Next Step
Now that I have provided information as well as some of the products treatments that are used to treat marionette lines, hopefully you have given thought about whether any suit your individual needs. As with any type of treatment it would be best to consult with your doctor or cosmetic surgeon before undergoing any type of treatment. Once you complete this task you will know whether this is something you should consider.

The Most Important Advice
Something I can’t stress enough is using an anti wrinkle face cream daily that actually works. If you look at the ingredients in the ones at the local drugstore, they just aren’t potent enough from my experience. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more and get one through a specialty retailer or online store, you can get one that has much higher concentrations of the powerful and proven anti aging ingredients in them.

Just this year, creams came out that actually contain hyaluronic acid which is absorbed topically. Not only will this help with fine lines, but also deep wrinkles like marionette lines. These products are over-the-counter and the prices are actually pretty reasonable. So you may want to research these and the other top wrinkle creams before you go spend a fortune on more drastic measures.