What Causes Marionette Lines

marionette linesQ: What causes marionette lines?

A: I get asked this all the time. It’s understandable why so many people are curious about why exactly these wrinkles form. After all, the marionette lines are in a very peculiar place of the face (not somewhere that you would necessarily expect lines to form). So what are the marionette lines causes? Well, let’s take a closer look at the causes these pesky little lines…

Although there’s no clinical studies that have been done to determine this, it’s pretty safe to say that an activity such as this doesn’t help your marionette lines. Why? Because you are pumping the area around the lips and mount full of damaging and harmful chemicals and free radicals. You can be sure that they accelerate the aging around this area too.

Insufficient Moisturizing
This is not something that will prevent you from getting them, but we can assume that the skin around this area is not being hydrated properly. When skin doesn’t have the moisture it needs, it is more susceptible to developing signs of wear – i.e. marionette lines. One excellent product I recommend for hydration is hyaluronic acid cream because this ingredient holds up to one thousand times its own weight in water.

Insufficient Support
What causes marionette lines? One can guess that insufficient underlying support beneath the skin will lead to facial sagging and therefore it is a contributor to these lines. As far as this issue, there’s not a whole lot that can be done to prevent it. The bottom line is gravity pulls our faces down… only a plastic surgeon can pull them back up :)

Taking Action
So now you know what causes marionette lines. As far as treatment options are concerned, you have a few options. You can start out with a good hyaluronic acid skin care product to moisturize. If you may want to consider a non invasive face lift – new techniques surgeons use that require little to no down time and don’t cost much. As an alternative to face lift, you may just want to do nothing at all and let it be… but most of us would agree that marionette lines make us look old and we should get rid of them if we have the opportunity!